8 Measures for successful customer relationship management

There is no question that the generation of many new customers can be very beneficial to the profit of your company. But if, as a consequence, you now focus entirely on the acquisition of new customers, you are in fact committing a serious mistake. Because it is in fact the satisfied existing customers who generate the most turnover. On average, they buy more often and are willing to spend more money. Moreover, convincing new customers is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. You can read more about the advantages of customer loyalty here. In this article you can read how you can effectively get customers to buy from you on a long-term or regular basis.

1. Provide outstanding customer service

As many as 82 percent of the participants in a study by Zendesk stated that they had already terminated a customer relationship due to poor service levels. In addition, 79 percent of the participants reported negative experiences. These figures clearly demonstrate the high relevance of good customer service for customer loyalty and ultimately the reputation of the brand. The American Society of Quality Control even concludes that dissatisfaction with customer service is the most common cause of lost customers.

2. Be reachable

If buyers of your goods or services are unable to contact you quickly and easily with any problems related to this, frustration is often high. This clear sign of poor customer service must be avoided at all costs. At the basis, contact possibilities should be available for the target group and they should be easy to find. By the way, 65 percent of all customers still primarily reach for the telephone in urgent cases. However, chat functions and messengers, such as WhatsApp, are becoming increasingly popular.

At the very best, you will always know what kind of support your buyer probably needs. Corresponding preliminary information on services provided, experiences with the buyer, open offers, etc. are optimally stored in a customer management software such as brolio Contact Manager and can be quickly accessed centrally.

3. Stay in contact

Don’t leave your customers alone – actively and personally inquire how they like the purchased goods or services. This signals interest and your buyers have the opportunity to clarify any open questions right away. Such behaviour is usually interpreted as very customer-oriented and is therefore a clear sign of good service. You should immediately save the information gained here in your customer management software.

4. Implement feedback

Feedback – in whatever form – is extremely useful for improving one’s own business processes and, not least, customer loyalty. In addition to questions about delivered goods or services, an annual customer satisfaction survey can be very useful. Among other things, it helps you to compare the development of the customer relationship in a long-term framework.

In fact, such surveys are relatively often accepted by customers because they are anonymous. Possible topics are drawn again from the data of your customer management system. By the way, social networks are ideal for surveys, as they are increasingly used for performance evaluations, complaints, etc. and generally represent a more personal, private environment.

5. Offer useful additional information

Today, products are becoming more and more complex and therefore often require a certain amount of know-how. Often the potentials concerned can only be exploited with the appropriate prior knowledge. You should make this more or less necessary knowledge available to your buyers as comprehensively as possible in FAQs, blog articles, how-to videos, whitepapers, etc. Who needs what information, show you the facts of your customer management software.

An example: With brolio Contact Manager you can categorize your customers accordingly and immediately send suitable newsletters to the different groups by connecting to Mailchimp.

6. Personalized offers

With personalized offers you can make the purchase of other products very appealing to your existing customers – if you get it right. You should definitely focus on target group accuracy and quality when taking the appropriate measures, otherwise they will quickly be classified as spam, which of course puts your brand in a negative light. Therefore, only send offers with real added value that are really able to solve typical problems of your customers. Discounts or exclusive offers that are not open to all customers in this regard provide additional potential for persuasion.

7. Say thank you

Of course, keeping customers happy with discounts does not work in the long run. It is more important to convince them emotionally through personal commitment, closeness and an understanding of specific challenges or needs. An honest “thank you” often works wonders. It is definitely worth surprising important or frequent buyers with a handwritten card or contacting them personally by phone. Of course, it is important that you do not slip into an advertising concrete in the course of saying thank you.

8. Celebrate anniversaries

In many private relationships, anniversaries represent important milestones. It is not uncommon for such occasions to be celebrated on a smaller or even larger scale. Such a procedure can actually be very beneficial to your customer loyalty. For example, if you record in your customer management software when prospective customers became buyers or even store birthdays, you can surprise the persons on these days with individual gifts, which is among other things a sign of personal interest.

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