Adequate activity management forms the basis for maximum economic workflows

The larger a company is, the more diverse the tasks that have to be performed in everyday business life. Of course, these have to be optimally coordinated to ensure a smooth workflow. But this is of course not only absolutely crucial for the success of corporations, but also for small and medium-sized companies. Different company divisions have their own specific responsibilities and tools here, which enable efficient planning. In production, for example, it is the work preparation, which uses specific software to precisely organize machines and requirements, among other things. In the areas of marketing and sales, however, corresponding planning measures are often neglected, even in large companies.

This is de facto a serious mistake. There is a significantly increased risk of tasks being processed twice and thus wasting resources. In addition, customer satisfaction can be severely impaired by insufficient coordination if, for example, sales-side follow-up to an inquiry is carried out several times by different employees or marketing plays off irrelevant information in the lead-nurturing process due to misleading customer status. The solution is an activity/task management tool, also called Task Manager or Task Planner, as integrated in Brolio Contact Manager. What this is all about and what advantages such a software solution offers can be read in this article.

What is a task management tool?

Activity management is an essential part of project coordination and also practically indispensable in other business areas. The perfect segmentation of workflows into interrelated and consecutive tasks brings many advantages. Each task is optimally planned, assigned, scheduled and monitored individually. With a task management tool, teams basically work more coherently by using a common basis. Such a solution helps users to keep track of the time spent on each task and ensures that deadlines are better met. Most appropriate additional functions of the sales and marketing specific task management system are order and offer organization, to-do lists, task reminders and last but not least contact management.

Advantages of task management tools

Task Managers help companies streamline their work cycle, minimize the risk of sudden obstacles, and facilitate cross-team communication and collaboration. This saves companies a lot of time and money.

Other key benefits include

– A tendency towards greatly increased productivity: The Task Management solution enables tasks and subtasks to be clearly segmented. Each task, including specific goals and milestones, can be assigned to a specific person or team. In this way, everyone knows exactly how to proceed, can therefore perform their tasks more effectively and ultimately achieve more.

– Improved workflow management: Using the task planning tool, companies can analyse the entire course of a specific project as well as day-to-day work processes and thus identify bottlenecks and time deficits that require special attention. As a result, by prioritizing and planning tasks, managers can create a significant increase in the efficiency of the corresponding processes.

These functions should be provided by an activity management tool

– Task planning: Assigning tasks to individuals or teams, specifying a start date and a deadline.

– Assignment of subtasks: Segmentation of tasks into smaller subtasks, which are then to be executed and managed at the micro level.

– Management of regular tasks: Assignment of tasks which are repeated at a specific time and/or on a specific day during a week, month or longer period.

– Time tracking: Manage/track the time spent by all participants in a task on the tasks assigned to them.

– Notification/Alerting: Track important milestones and inform stakeholders about new tasks, updates, errors and achievements.

– Update/editing of activities: Sufficient processing and updating options of work activities based on demand and/or availability of resources.

– Progress tracking: Progress checks during the work cycle and monitoring of key performance indicators.

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