Increase productivity & employee satisfaction

Companies must constantly compete nationally and globally for innovation, talent and customers. Digitization gives many companies opportunities to improve their productivity, e.g. the OECD study “The Future of Productivity” shows that the focus is not on “working harder or longer” but on “working smarter”. In particular, new ideas, technological innovations and new products/business models contribute disproportionately to a company’s productivity increase.

The conclusion to be drawn from these trends is that companies with a flexible and cooperative approach to work are able to sustainably increase their productivity, create space for new ideas and attract talented employees, thereby staying competitive.

Developments in recent years show that technological progress has revolutionized the workplace. Collaboration is more location-independent, access to information and data is easier and solutions are more cross-industry. As a result, the needs of employees have also changed and requirements for tools and the workplace have increased. SMEs still have a lot of potential in these areas and in some cases there is still a lot of catching up to do.

But what makes a company attractive for specialists from different areas?

– The possibility of working independently of location, as well as less obligation to be present in the office

– Flexible working hours, which allow a better work-life balance

– Cross-departmental information management as well as collaborative software accessible from anywhere, so that comprehensive tasks and activities can be processed more efficiently with simple software solutions.

– Simple tools to e.g. increase customer management and customer service or simplify customer acquisition.

The ability to work anytime, anywhere has the greatest impact on productivity. Today, many companies offer flexible working methods that do not require fixed places and times. Employees often work at different locations or sometimes in different countries. The same applies to the exchange with customers, partners and suppliers. Statistics show this clearly. According to the respondents to the EIU study, the ability to work anywhere at any time is the aspect that most affects their productivity and job satisfaction.

A clever and digital workplace is therefore considered to be of great importance.

The prerequisites for a smart and digital workplace can be easily created by integrated modular software solutions and support companies in the long term. This gives employees more freedom in cooperation and flexibility in their everyday work – win-win.

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