Tools for a digital, clever workplace

In times of digital transformation, fixed hierarchies and classic waterfall models have become obsolete. Collaboration between different departments can no longer be carried out efficiently through top-down guidelines, personal communication or a rigid meeting culture.

Companies are increasingly perceived as networks of teams that operate in fast-moving learning and decision-making cycles. Communicating the common goal of using the same data and letting the team participate in the decision-making process are the biggest differences between hierarchical and agile companies. McKinsey’s study “The Journey to an Agile Organization” provides further insight into agile management.

The comprehensive transformation to an agile work model includes every facet of the company: strategy, people, processes and technology.

Technology plays a key role here and with the right tools the agile way of working can be achieved and improved more quickly within the company. A smart and digital workplace creates added value for companies.

In particular, employees can

– carry out their tasks in an efficient manner

– Making business decisions together

– build communities of interest

– promote knowledge management

– Promoting cooperation from any location


Simple and fast communication by digital means


Promotion of cooperation with employees, partners and customers


Enabling flexibility and agility and using IT as an enabler for business process optimization


Integration of software tools increases efficiency and data acquisition and evaluation and contributes to value creation

The orientation is different per role and sector. However, certain basic elements or business applications such as collaboration, communication and reporting tools are usually present.

Noticeable business benefits that can arise from implementing the Digital Mobile Workplace and its mobile applications are

– Increase in sales: Through applications such as brolio, employees are able to better use customer acquisition and cross-selling opportunities.

– Improving customer service: By optimizing sales meetings with versatile media, by increasing the productivity of mobile sales or by responding quickly to customer inquiries on site at the customer’s premises.

– Cost reduction: With applications, such as teams, for holding virtual meetings, savings in office space and more flexibility can be achieved. In addition, travel time for customers and employees can be reduced.

– Strengthening innovation: With communication tools that enable discussions, build communities of interest and practice-oriented communities and thus work on innovation projects within the company.

– Improve the customer experience: Personalize newsletters, clear customer portals and many other ways to provide access to information.

– Increased productivity: Through versatile mobile applications and technologies that enable employees to perform business processes and functions. They enable: – to increase individual and team productivity – to be more effective and innovative in management – to improve process efficiency and effectiveness

– Improve employee experience and motivation: Provide employees with the right applications to get the job done, when they need it. Provide simple and easy-to-use tools that can be used in the same way both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

– Improve product or service quality: By integrating mobile functionality into products or improving the quality of service delivery through faster access to information or media content.

What conclusions can we draw from this?

– A smart and digitalised workplace helps in employee retention and talent search

– Use IT and simple software solutions as enablers to promote agile forms of business. In the case of integration, this can increase company productivity

– Integrated and modular IT landscape improves employee experience and collaboration

– Interact with the customer, both through simplified communication, information gathering, but also through customer service and product improvements

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