Contact Management in SMEs

In contrast to large companies, the customer portfolio in smaller companies is more manageable. However, there are several reasons why even small businesses are more successful if you use a Contact Manager. Some of these reasons are presented below:

Reduction of administrative effort

Especially in SMEs, resources are often limited. This can quickly end in time bottlenecks or in countless overtime hours. Entrepreneurs, whether they like it or not, spend a large part of their working hours dealing with administrative tasks. Valuable time is often lost, which could be used for more important activities in the company. How often does the name of a customer no longer come to mind or are you looking for specific information about a particular customer? These are just examples of countless inefficiencies that can be easily avoided. The starting point of many activities usually leads through a customer.

Building customer knowledge across the organization

It does not matter how well you know your customers, if you cannot provide targeted information during your absence. Especially in times when home office is unavoidable, central information and contact management systems are an important part of a professional working environment. Contact Management can be used to collect all necessary customer information and make it accessible to employees. This brings all employees up to date with the latest knowledge, so that customer service can be guaranteed at all times. Long-term documentation of the customer relationship also offers the opportunity for further sales approaches and targeted contact options.

Improved customer loyalty

Building up long-term customer documentation allows you to improve customer loyalty and thus increase the loyalty to the company. Improved customer satisfaction also has an enormous influence on referrals and is therefore another important factor for competitiveness.

Structured sales processes

A Contact Management System serves you a detailed view of all inquiries and the resulting sales opportunities. This allows you to keep track of who is involved in which offer, which steps need to be taken next or what you are waiting for.  The summary of all incoming orders or quotations helps you to keep an overview at all times. This enables you to have a structured sales force and increased planning reliability.

Identification of important customers

There is often the danger of pursuing the wishes of smaller customers while neglecting the larger and more important customers. A contact management system provides you with quick information about which customers you are investing a lot of time and effort in and can coordinate your customer care accordingly in order to achieve optimum efficiency.

Digitisation does not stop at smaller companies either. Creating a smart working environment not only improves the relationship with customers and partners, but also enables internal processes to be made more efficient and structured. The advantages mentioned above show that a contact manager is not a tool that can only be used in large companies. Even small companies can professionalize their customer management and make it more efficient, which brings many advantages. Brolio offers you the optimal solution for this. Through further connection possibilities with bexio, Mailchimp, Office 365 and more, you have the possibility of making your working environment smarter.

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