How many customer contacts are needed for successful new customer acquisition?

It is in fact extremely rare for the first customer contact to result in a deal. On average, this is only the case for one in 50 sales. Despite this general situation, many companies are not prepared to accept more than one or two setbacks in customer acquisition. The reasons for this are many and varied: lack of market overview, too little or hardly accessible information on prospective customers, insufficient human and technical resources, etc. This article will show you why a follow-up strategy with staying power is worthwhile and why you should not be put off by rejection.

Added value and trust as a key

It is not uncommon for business people to expect to be able to handle a sale at the very first contact with a potential customer. However, studies have clearly refuted this approach: Only 2 percent of all sales can actually be realized immediately.

As a rule, these buyers have already studied the subject matter in detail on the net before making contact and know exactly what they are looking for. At best, therefore, you are already conveying added value to your target group on your website. If you also act competently and close to the customer during direct contact, business may well be immediate.

In order to achieve the optimum here, you first need a technical foundation on which you can define your target group based on data and easily access the relevant information – both in terms of web added value and direct contacts. This is where a customer management system like brolio Contact Manager offers extensive possibilities.

Long-term success in customer acquisition through follow-up

The term “follow-up” describes the intention to build a trusting relationship between the company/brand and the customer. The aim here is to establish a long-term dialogue. In simple terms, follow-ups are renewed, strategic contacts.

In order to be able to do this with maximum success, you should definitely get a general idea of your potential customers. Understand their challenges or needs and think about how you can solve them with your services. If you meet the expectations of your potential customers at all points of the Customer Journey, your follow-ups will almost certainly bear fruit.

Only with the right connection between marketing and sales can you exploit the full potential of your leads

One of the very common reasons why companies do without the follow-ups that are so relevant to success is insufficient cooperation and coordination between marketing and sales. In this case, a central connection between both departments must be created, which makes it possible to classify the leads generated by marketing and to pass them on to sales at the appropriate time. Without such a link or the correct classification of the leads and corresponding follow-ups and direct contacts, those leads will increasingly jump off in the middle of the sales funnel. The brolio Contact Manager can form exactly such a bridge.

Securely close the sale with lead qualification

Most leads actually fall out of the sales funnel due to a lack of contacts and touch points. Quite often they are not even qualified and are already contacted by the sales department. On the other hand, it can happen that leads are ready to buy but the final impulse to close the deal is missing. In order to be able to exclude these and similar undoubtedly very annoying scenarios, sufficient lead qualification must take place so that each lead receives the appropriate treatment at every point of the respective customer journey. This undoubtedly very complex process is hardly manageable without customer management software.

Persistence pays off

The continuous, customer-journey-precise dialogue with your potential customers ensures long-term success. Various surveys, which were carried out at different times in different places worldwide, show the following correlation: Around 80 percent of all sales are only realized after at least five follow-ups. This means that at least five follow-ups are required before a prospective customer makes a choice.

With regard to sales, a sales rate of only 2 percent in the first customer contact and 3 percent in the second was highlighted. The third contact brings only 5 percent sales. But it is worth sticking with it, because with the fourth contact the rate increases directly to 10 percent. According to the studies, the vast majority of leads, namely 80 percent, do not buy until the fifth to 12th customer contact.

Customer acquisition is a long-term process

The figures presented in the last section leave no doubt that it is worth putting more resources into continuous follow-up of promising leads. However, you can’t expect quick results here, because in fact 63 percent of all prospects who call up information about your services at this moment will not move on to buyer status for at least three months. With 20 percent it even takes 12 months.

(Cost-)Efficient follow-ups with the right software

Companies that want to remain competitive in the long term should not only set up a precisely coordinated follow-up strategy, but also implement it as (cost) efficiently as possible. A customer management system and associated marketing automation solutions are the ideal tools for this purpose, in order to proceed very close to the potential customer via software, precisely adapted to the customer journey.

We would be happy to describe to you in a non-binding conversation how brolio Contact Manager can help you to acquire new customers economically and effectively through follow-ups. Register now and use brolio free of charge!

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