Integration of the sales talk into the acquisition strategy

Sales are an integral part of the marketing mix. In addition to advertising, sales promotion and product PR, it is one of the direct communication measures. The experience of many companies shows that personal sales and relationship management, alongside finance and good products, are crucial to the success of SMEs.

Customer acquisition without active sales is hardly possible today. Sales is a very effective, but at the same time also a very expensive communication instrument. A full cost analysis shows that a sales talk costs between CHF 200 and CHF 600. For this reason, many companies try to prepare or replace personal contacts – especially with smaller customers – with advertising and sales promotion measures to ensure an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Sales in person or by telephone can be carried out by in-house sales personnel (entrepreneurs, field staff, office staff, consultants, technicians, managers, etc.) or by external sales personnel (sales representatives, brokers, agents).

In addition to personal sales, there is also impersonal sales in the mail order and vending machine sales sectors. Here, the catalogue or sample goods or even the goods themselves take the place of the salespersons. Here, too, the personal sales talk is prepared by the appropriate use of sales promotion measures in order to increase the chances of closing the deal.

The structuring of the sales measures thus forms the basis for sustainable customer acquisition and an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Conclusion: Use the entire range of the marketing mix to optimally serve and efficiently manage your sales funnel.

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