Sales concept as an integral part of marketing

The goals of the sales activity are subordinate to the business goals or marketing objectives. The sales concept is thus an integral part of the marketing concept. From the marketing concept some basic decisions should be derived, with which the following questions are answered:

– What is the significance of sales in the marketing mix?

– In which geographical area does the company appear personally as a salesperson?

– Which product priorities are given to sales (the whole range or only parts of it)?

– Which customers and influencers should be dealt with and with which priority?

– Which objectives (turnover, contribution margin, image, behaviour etc.) should be achieved with the different target groups and offers?

– How often should the different contact partner categories (customers and possible influencers) be contacted at a minimum? How should the sales contacts be structured?

– What sales capacity (time available, employees entrusted with sales tasks) is available for personal or telephone sales or should be built up for this purpose?

Based on these sales strategy considerations, sales activities must be planned and implemented consistently. Sales planning should not be viewed in isolation but must be coordinated with other marketing instruments and financial planning.

Before important fundamental decisions in sales are defined, a detailed sales analysis is prepared, if necessary, in which the most important strengths and weaknesses in personal and telephone sales are clarified. With such an analysis, existing reserves of success can be systematically identified and exploited.

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