The advantages of integrated work in Contact Management

Contact management systems are becoming increasingly important in small and medium-sized companies. The reason for this can be traced back to the increased competition and the growing demands of customers for professional service. However, a contact management system is only really valuable if a company can access all business applications via one platform.

Integrated interfaces to other business applications have the advantage that a company can access not only master and contact data, activities and files, but above all, all transaction data.

A company benefits in that complex interface definitions are no longer required and information such as price structures, discounts, transaction data, orders, quotations, etc. is clearly displayed in a dashboard and can be called up at the touch of a button. Sales staff can thus offer their customers the best possible service and thus align their processes more consistently with the customer. In order to be able to assert themselves in a constantly changing environment, it is becoming increasingly important for SMEs to continuously adapt to the needs of their customers. We have recognized this challenge and with brolio, a Smart Contact Management, we have brought a solution to the market that is an all-in-one solution for customer management through intelligent interfaces. The functions presented in the following sections provide optimal support for customer acquisition and customer retention.

With brolio, internal processes can be presented simply and clearly. Activities can be planned and tasks can be delegated to employees. Incomplete tasks can simply be followed up with follow-up tasks.

A sales team needs an efficient and intelligent working environment in order to cope with increasing expenses such as processing incoming orders, providing comprehensive customer support and following up on prospective customer enquiries. brolio’s integrated customer management is convincing with its central address database. All customer information, whether about the company or persons, can be managed. With the help of a simple search function, all the information entered can be found in the database in a structured manner and quickly, which can also be easily exported to Excel. Thanks to an intelligent interface to Office 365, the addresses only have to be maintained in one place and are therefore available to all employees at any time and synchronized. Redundant data can thus be easily avoided. Tasks, orders, documents and notes can be attached to each contact and categorized with regard to the company status of the products used and their origin.

For marketing purposes, distribution lists can be attached to the registered companies and persons. The central address management as well as the transaction data help to create customer and market specific segmentations. The greatest benefit here is that customers can be processed and reached in a targeted manner on the basis of products or services sold (e.g. for additional sales or, of course, in an emergency, one for recall campaigns). For the professional contacting of interest groups, a marketing list with the desired contact persons can thus be defined in a campaign in the simplest possible way. A standard connection to a third-party solution (Mailchimp) also enables professional e-mail marketing campaigns.

From the sales perspective, brolio always provides an optimal overview of the offers placed as well as the current orders, which allows a structured sales process to be mapped. With inOne KMU from Swisscom, telephoning is also possible with just one click. All information is clearly displayed for incoming calls. Customer conversations can thus be professionalised and improved.

brolio’s primary goal is to support companies and their employees in the simplest and most efficient way possible in customer acquisition (marketing) and in customer relationship management, thereby increasing sales. brolio’s sales management helps you to process the individual sales steps and gives you an optimal overview of the current sales pipeline in your business.

A professional and customer-oriented service is becoming more and more important. With the versatile functions in customer management as well as various possibilities for internal coordination through mobile collaboration, brolio lays the perfect foundation for a successful future in your business. Let yourself be convinced and register for free.

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