This is how your Contact Manager helps you to achieve successful customer retention

The top priority of every sales and marketing employee is to increase the company’s turnover. To achieve this goal, more sales are needed, which in turn means that as many customers as possible must be reached with the company’s products. As a result, many forces in the relevant departments concentrate on the search for new customers, often neglecting existing customers.

This is indeed a clearly demonstrable, enormous mistake. In fact, it is much more economical to persuade existing customers to conclude further contracts than to win new customers. This is due in particular to the fact that in the latter – even in the digital age – a considerable amount of persuasion must first be invested, and this involves considerable effort and expense.

It is also a fact that statistics and key marketing figures show that the chances of success with sales to existing customers are on average between 60 and 70 percent higher than with new customers. Furthermore, the success rate for sales to new customers is only 5 to 20 percent.

So there is no question that you, too, need to focus your marketing and sales efforts on customer loyalty. In this article you can read how to proceed particularly efficiently in this regard and how customer management software can help you in this respect.

Optimizing customer loyalty processes with the help of Contact Manager software

In the following it becomes concrete – read how you can effectively boost your customer loyalty and how customer management software can help you.

Maintain contact with your customers

A good customer management system is always equipped and/or linkable with various tools for marketing automation. This means that you not only manage your customers’ data in one central location, but also use it as a basis for the direct output of information on news, specific offers, etc. Try to fill corresponding messages with appealing content and personal tone to convince your existing customers to use your services again.

In this context you should also send your customers congratulations on holidays, birthdays and other occasions. In many cases, this will give a strong push to the loyalty of your customers. Promotion codes or discounts provided in the course of this work wonders.

Personalize the communication with your customers

A contact management system can help you to personalize e-mails for sending in a very simple way. Even a simple addition of a name to an e-mail signals to your customers an increased interest in their person and communication at eye level. Your customers will appreciate such personal attention.

Offer consistently good service

Consistency plays a major role at various levels in satisfying existing customers. Particularly with regard to long-term customer loyalty, you should ensure that all support requests can be placed as optimally as possible in the respective customer context and that they are handled at eye level and solution-oriented. You will find all the necessary data in your customer management software. Achieve a certain degree of automation in answering customer queries, create personal cover letters and always offer exactly the support your customers need.

Get to know your customers

The contact management system not only stores contact data, but also other sometimes very valuable information beyond that. For example, you can find out a lot about the habits and preferences of your customers from the completed orders and/or offers that are also listed. This information can in turn be used to follow up on existing customers or support requests. So analyse your buyers’ data precisely and set up specific profiles. These can then be easily segmented within the program and made available to all relevant departments.

Play out value-added information

As noted in the last section, a modern contact management program allows you to quickly create specific customer groups. These classifications are of course not only interesting for direct contacts by phone or e-mail. They can also be used to fine-tune the content of your website, blog and social media accounts. Ideally, you can reach your customers at any time their customer journey with value-added information. Such content must really contribute to the solution of a typical customer problem or need, which ultimately has to be completely processed by your services. Your existing customers will thus feel continuously understood, which increases the probability of achieving long-term, strong business relationships enormously.

Ensure fast reactions to inquiries

One of the great advantages of a contact management system lies in the simplified, partially automated processes that can be achieved with it. Among other things, it also makes it possible to provide lightning-fast answers to support queries 24/7. Even if these are obviously automated, your customer will be left with a good feeling that an employee will take care of his request promptly. This of course contributes to a good customer experience.

Would you also like to benefit from these and other advantages of a customer management system? Then register now for a free trial of the Brolio Contact Manager. If you have individual, further questions about the scope of the software’s features, simply contact us.

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