Tips for successful customer acquisition

Many companies have no plan and no goal, and they pursue customer acquisition without fixed structures and specifications. Without a systematic acquisition strategy, you will have to be satisfied with the new customers you happen to come across. Define your goals from the beginning and answer at least the following questions:

– Who is your target group?

– How many new customers do you want to acquire?

– With which acquisition measures do you want to reach your target group?

– How do you want to address potential customers?

In the following sections you will find useful tips and procedures for confident customer acquisition.

Integration of new customer acquisition in everyday business life: When there is a slump in orders, it is usually too late. Therefore, integrate new customer acquisition into your everyday business life. Take regular time for customer acquisition, because a well-prepared customer acquisition takes time.

Structured acquisition: “Wild” acquisition leads to scattering losses, frustration and is a waste of time. Focus on your target group and your concerns and contact your potential customers where they are.

Sustainable acquisition system: Those who proceed unsystematically and do not document their communication with the customer make a serious mistake in acquisition. Every employee in the company needs to know which steps are involved in customer acquisition and how to document a contact. Good acquisition software helps here as well.

Prepare sales talks well: Is the presentation faulty? Are you not prepared for critical objections and stutter? Then it was all for nothing. The sales talk has to be right. Use our free checklist for optimal preparation of the sales talk.

Define key acquisition figures: You don’t know how many customers calls you have made because you have not set yourself any targets, how many customers you want to contact? A serious mistake. This is how acquisition becomes a random product. Define in your acquisition strategy how many customers you want to acquire and measure the ratio of successful deals to contacts.

Determine the right contact person: You always try to arrange a customer appointment with the company’s doorman or caretaker? That can only go wrong. Research the important decision makers, from the management to assistants, and motivate the assistants to put you through to the management.

Use the existing network: Cold calling is not everything. It requires staying power and a very high frustration threshold. Also use recommendations from your network for customer acquisition. Therefore, try to make targeted contacts.

Be patient: Your offer is sent and now you sit back and wait for your customer to respond? This rarely works. Hake purposefully after. You should not assume that the first phone call or the first customer visit will be successful.

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